Is Canada ready?

Yesterday, I was scrolling through my twitter feed, getting caught up on news from Hong Kong, Kashmir, to the upcoming election back home.

As I scrolled down, I saw this:

“Some voters question whether Canada is ready for a PM with a turban”

Excuse me? Is all that I could think. And then I opened the article.

What I read has disturbed me.

NDP candidate Jagmeet Singh had attended the International Plowing Match in Verner Ontario, about an hours drive from Sudbury.

This news source talked to several attendees who expressed concern about Singh’s image. One resident said:

“If he would take it off, and be normal like us, I would vote right away because I am a (New Democrat) myself.”

Normal? What do you mean normal?

So much of Canada’s identity is based on being multicultural, accepting, and diverse. People from around the world see Canada as a welcoming place, where they can pursue careers and a life that they may not be able to in their home country. A place where their children can have better lives. Canada is made up of more than white men of Christian backgrounds.

Does a piece of cloth change someone’s intelligence? Does this affect the policies that someone wants to implement?

Personally, I do not associate with any political party in Canada, and this post is in no way supporting the NDP. But I am incredibly disappointed in my country right now.

Canada. Get out and vote on October 21st.

Make your voice heard, by mail or in person at a polling station. But please. Educate yourself about your political leaders, about the policies and issues that are most important to them. Learn about your local MP’s, learn about party leaders, and make your decision based on facts, and issues that you want prioritized.

Do not let what someone wears, or does not wear on their head change how you vote.


Photo brought to you by Octopus Red, a Brantford based Creative Communications Firm specializing in Graphic Design, Web Development & Marketing. 


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