And Some Days You’re Living

This morning I was woken up by buses honking and exceptionally loud music playing nearby. I opened my eyes, and pushed a button on my phone.

It was 5:54.

I rolled over, sighed, and got out of bed, knowing the noise wouldn’t subside anytime soon. Or at all, until about 8pm tonight. And for a few minutes, I was grumpy. I just wanted to sleep, but the world wouldn’t allow for that, and gosh this country was frustrating.

And then, I walked out onto my balcony with a cup of coffee in my hand. There was some blue sky poking through the grey clouds, and suddenly the fields of rice looked just a little greener than they did yesterday.

Today is just an ordinary day at the office. I won’t see the mountain ranges that make me gasp in awe, there’s no new festival to learn about, or trip to go on. Yet… something was lighter. 

There is sunshine, there is a little girl at my office who happily waves hello to me and will blow me kisses when I say goodbye to her at 5. There are my coworkers who take care of me despite our language barriers, and wonderful conversations to be had with my friends back home.

Some days you start singing/and you don’t need a reason/sometimes the world’s just right/Your clear eyes ain’t even blinkin’/Got a heart full of grateful/For all you’ve been given/Some days you just get by/Yeah some days you’re just alive/Some days you’re livin’

I’ve had a lot of days lately where the world has seemed to exist in shades of grey, I’m glad that the colour has come back to my life.

Here’s to days when we’re more than just alive.


This blog post was inspired by “Living” released by Dierks Bentley in 2018.


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