This past weekend was the official start of fall in Canada.

For some provinces it meant beautiful fall-like weather, with the leaves on the trees slowly changing colours. While other provinces saw snow (I got a snapchat from my brother on Friday golfing in the snow – welcome to Canada haha). However, this isn’t exactly normal fall weather for the prairies.

Fall is actually probably my favorite season. Especially back home, where fall and harvest come hand in hand.

Some of my favorite memories include late nights helping my dad out, with crisp cool air, clear night skies and harvest dust in the air, grabbing a handful of wheat from the sample pail and tossing it into my mouth making “wheat gum”.

Getting off the school bus and walking to the house, kicking leaves that had fallen to the ground and just smelling fall. Doing my homework by open windows with a cool breeze blowing in, and going out to cover the garden with old sheets to keep the plants from freezing at night.

Or, getting picked up from school to go to dance class and having a warm thermos of my mom’s homemade chili waiting for me.

Now, fall looks a little different. I can’t just run home for the weekend to help my dad on the farm, (although thanks to an early harvest this year, I did get to spend some time in the field before I left for school), I don’t have a garden, or a yard to rake leaves in and there’s never a warm pot of chili waiting for me when I get home from a day of classes.

So, I have to settle for cool fall evenings and enjoying the trees slowly changing colour… and whenever I walk outside and feel the cool breeze, the smell of crisp leaves in the air, I close my eyes, and just for a second, it almost feels like home.

IMG_2977 (2)






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