When Fear Turns to Racism

At the moment, I have friends scattered around the globe. Canada, the United States, Iraq, Mongolia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, and the Netherlands just to name a few.

And with the globalization of our world, everyone is talking about the corona virus. Everyone knows about it, and it seems like everyone is scared.

Everyone is scared because of social media blowing things out of proportion. Everyone is scared because suddenly all of our friends have an imaginary medical degree. Everyone is scared because they’re not really looking at what is going on.

Personally, I’m not scared.

The common flu kills more people in Canada alone than this virus has killed in China.

Wearing a surgical mask might help stop you from spreading your germs, but it wont’ stop you from getting the virus.

And things like this can originate anywhere in the world.

What bothers me the most about what is happening in our world right now, is the racism because of this virus. Back home, and all over the world, international students are being treated like criminals, businesses are being boycotted and people are hurting, simply because of how they look.

Something I tell all of my friends in Nepal, is that for the most part, if they were to come to Canada, no one would know that they were from Nepal until they spoke. No one would look at them like they didn’t belong (with the exception of more rural and remote areas).

But what is happening back home right now is making me second guess that statement. I’m second guessing how welcoming my country really is.

I’m disappointed in my country, and the world I live in.

Please check your sources, don’t believe everything you read, don’t spread false information, and more than anything, don’t be racist. We’re all people, and when it comes down to it, we’re all the same.

Stay healthy, take care of each other, and be a good human.


Finally, if you’re looking for reliable information check out the WHO, or your country’s public health authority. They know what’s up.







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