I spent nearly all of my first 4 weeks back in Nepal, in Kathmandu. And while I love Nepal, everyone has heard me complain about this city. The dirt, pollution, garbage, traffic and general chaos. But every once in a while, there is this incredible beauty that shines through.

One of my last mornings in Kathmandu, before I moved out to this village, was simply magic.

I woke up and stretched, the early morning light just beginning to seep through my curtains. Still lying down, I opened them slightly, letting the cool air from the open window wash over me. It had rained the night before, and the smell of the rain mingled with the neighbors tea and breakfast preparations.

These combined scents reminded me of mornings in the villages. Quiet, cold, peaceful, beautiful.

And slowly, the sky changed, from grey to a brilliant blue.

I sat up, and sleepily grabbed my camera, wanting to capture the magic of the morning. I took a couple photos, and then set it back down, wrapping a blanket around me sitting beside the window. I wanted to take in every bit of this rare, peaceful morning.

I quietly watched people walk by. Some going to the shop down the street that had just opened it’s doors, others off to work or school. And slowly the peace dissipated, cars and motorbikes began driving by, honking their horns around each corner.

It didn’t last, but it was beautiful. Another side of Kathmandu which I rarely see, and couldn’t help but share.



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