Just Like Coming Home

As we descended through the clouds, I saw that hill that was visible from my old apartment. The one my friend and I had climbed. The highest point in the Kathmandu Valley. That familiar sight caused me to tear up, my eyes still welling with tears as the plane touched down, minutes later.

I was here. Finally back in the country I had been dreaming about, and missing for the last year, back in Canada.

I felt comfortable going through the visa process, getting my bags and walking out the doors, seeing the crowd of people holding signs, waiting for passengers. A quick scan of the group and I found my name.

Driving out of the airport, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the sheer greenness of everything, a shock from the spring back in Canada. And I stared at the hills surrounding the valley, swearing that they had gotten bigger.

But that was the only difference. Maybe a few new buildings, new shops. But otherwise, it was exactly the same.

The hectic traffic, cows wandering the streets, and roads full of character, were all the same. Almost like time had stood still.

Coming back to Nepal was just like coming home. And I couldn’t be happier to be here.


Stay tuned for further updates about my Nepal adventure


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