How to Fake it

Since starting school again, my schedule has become hectic, with classes, assignments, readings, friends, cooking, exercise, more readings, midterms, finals and… oh, yeah. Sleep. There are definitely days that are overwhelming and days that I don’t feel like I can deal with what is in front of me.

But despite how I feel, some of my classmates have asked me how I am so organized, and how I get my assignments done.

I don’t feel organized. I often have days where I say everything is on fire (today was one of them).

But my friends keep asking me how I’m doing it. One day they even joked that I should teach a class on time management and being organized.

The truth is, I’m spending time making lists (if it’s not written down, it’s not getting done), organizing my time and prioritizing. I get my work done before I go out with friends on the weekend, and during busy weeks I get up at 6 am and go to school to work on assignments.

But despite the effort I put in, on those busy weeks, when we have 6 assignments due and 3 exams, something always slips. I start eating terrible food. Or I don’t get enough sleep. Or I don’t do yoga for 3 days and feel crappy. Or I don’t talk to any of my friends.

Even if I manage to hold the school side of things together, something else always falls apart. And in the end, I’m still stressed and still worry just as much as everyone else.

I guess the only difference is that I have faith that everything will get done. Everything through 4 years of university got done, so I’m assuming this will be the same. I did it once, so I can do it again.

To all of the other university and college students out there… Make your lists. Do what you’ve got to do and take care of yourselves. You’ve got this my friends!



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