Do it Anyway

As you will know from past blog posts, the last 10 months or so of my life have been hectic, full of change and a lot of challenges. And during this time I’ve had to reach out for help – something I truly struggle with. But by asking for help, I received a lot of really good advice. Something that has stuck with me throughout the summer and school this fall is “do it anyway”.

My doctor back home told me this one day when we were talking about doing things to take care of myself.

He told me that even if I’m lying in bed and feel like I can’t get up to shower, do it anyway. Even when you don’t feel like it. Do it anyway.

This, along with a few other phrases have gotten me through some of the toughest months of my life. My lock screen on my computer is a photo I took in Nepal, and I edited it, and every time I open my computer “And… she did it anyway” stares back at me.¬†Reminding me that there were days I didn’t think I could handle Nepal, days that I didn’t think I could handle life anymore. But… I did it anyway.

Maybe this doesn’t work for everyone, but there have been countless days when I have felt as though I can’t do something. Or don’t want to do something. From working on an assignment to getting out of bed. And let me say, that when I did the thing that I didn’t feel like doing. Or the thing that was scary… I felt empowered, strong and proud. Even if it was as simple as having a shower and making breakfast.

For me, it’s the little things that I do to take care of myself that change my whole day. Taking half an hour to do some yoga. Or 15 minutes to sit quietly. Even if I don’t really want to, I always feel better once I do it. Always.

So, on this wintry Thursday (at least in my corner of the world), I hope you will do the scary thing, the hard thing. And I hope you will feel empowered. And strong. Because you are so much stronger and way more capable than you think you are.



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