Travel Therapy

In the last few months, it’s become habit for me to check out cheap flights around the world. And, when I have a little time off from school, I start getting an itch to travel. So in early September, I came across a seat sale and booked a flight to Chicago.

It was my first time in the city, and I fell in love with the architecture, food, lake, skyline and history.

Honestly, how can you not love this city?

Through this habit I have developed, I have found that there is something truly therapeutic about travel. About getting on a plane alone and arriving in a city that you’ve never been to before. Not knowing what those days will bring. Learning how the buses and trains work. And getting lost, but eventually finding your way back home (and finding some cool places along the way).

There is something therapeutic about walking miles every day, wandering down unexplored streets, checking out new restaurants and coffee shops. About sitting by a window with a cup of coffee and a good book, watching the world go by.

There is something therapeutic about walking down the street, camera in hand, trying to find just the right angle to capture that moment I will never get back. About capturing a beautiful city from my perspective.

And more than that, there is something empowering about coming into a city, not knowing anyone or where anything is. But within a few days, being able to get home without google maps. Having a favorite coffee shop. And giving that other tourist directions because you actually knew how to get where they were going.

Many people have questioned me about my solo travel from friends and classmates to the man at U.S. customs (who seemed to have a hard time believing I was traveling alone). But solo travel is good for your soul. I came back from that week away exhausted but refreshed.

There is something therapeutic about travel. Especially when done alone.




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