I am Not Tired

After the vote that took place the the United States this Saturday I was shocked, furious and disappointed. I have spent hours pouring over articles, watching things unfold. Waiting, hoping for the right outcome.

While I was reading, I came across this quote:

“Women are strong, and we are perpetually resilient, but we are exhausted. I am so, so tired and it would be amazing if the responsibility to stop the violence against us wasn’t squarely on our shoulders.” 

I completely disagree.

Yes. Women are strong. Yes. We are resilient.

But I am not exhausted. I am not tired. And it is our responsibility if we want to see change.

I am a big believer in the power of people and our ability to create social change. And I believe that if you want to change something, you have to say it, push for it and fight for it.

It is our responsibility to say something. To make our voices heard. When women got the right to vote, it was because they worked for it. Because they didn’t give up. Because they wanted the system to change and pushed tirelessly for it to happen. But nothing changes overnight.

Right now, the only thing I’m tired of is the ignorance. I’m tired of people not caring about leaving the world better than it was when we came into it. I’m tired to people making the conscious choice to use their power for evil and not good. That’s what I’m tired of.

The news that came out of the States on Saturday made me cringe. I cried. I ranted to friends. It’s just not okay. It’s not my country making these decisions, but I’m still angry. Because it might not be my country, but it’s still my world.

I am not tired.

To those who are standing up against these injustices, I will stand with you. I will support you now and in the future. I want our voices to be heard.

And, to my American friends. Please, please, please vote this November. Take advantage of the rights that you have and use them to create a better world.


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